Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror in our lives.

26th November 2008. Bombay, Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has been attacked.

In the next few days, the details will be discussed and analyzed, the attacks condemned, promises will be made. condolences, well written and spoken ones, will be circulated. Flowers will be sent, candles will be lit. A nation will mourn. The whole world will pause for a fleeting moment, will stand by in silence. Continued silence and then.. then we move on.. ?

There has been indifference within us, to the terror attacks in India. Why would not we be ? The dead do not linger, but horrors of the events live on tv ? They will haunt us. Technology has moved us. Grief towards the dead has been replaced by anger towards those who suffer. 8000 miles away, it is worrying. Anything closer.. not imaginable.

A total structural collapse of our system. A System, never held accountable for the lapses, mistakes, blunders and disasters. The anger should be sustained, Questions should be asked, the system be held accountable and the structure rebuilt. It will take a while, it needs the young, the fresh and the untainted. Not preaching here.. Well not preaching much anyway. Just some instinctive thoughts..

It is being talked about as India's 9/11. What followed in US is known. Hope that the anger does not turn into paranoia..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Stay Beautiful.

A hoarding of a very “popular” newspaper in Andhra Pradesh reads ‘News Made Exciting.’ It’s like asking you… How do you like your eggs? with tomatoes or pepperoni. Actually, you do not have a choice. They’re serving you their choice of spicy breakfast. I don’t want my news to be spiced up. I want my facts to come straight to me. Let me decide if it’s exciting enough.

A 16 year old Adnan Patrawala was kidnapped and killed. A popular news channel talking about the case said “Investigation has revealed that the murderers who were BPO employees had befriended Adnan even before he started to speak to the profile by the name “Angel” on Orkut. Now…. for a special focus on Orkut…. Should Orkut be banned?” WTF! The same reporter who suggested that the murder was planned in the real world as opposed to the virtual is now wondering if Orkut should be banned! A result of that wondering? – “yes, of course! Internet is full of scum, it should be banned.”

And the worst part is, this guy who made this easy decision for us doesn’t know s*** about how the internet works. That there are internet ethics and etiquette that internet users have globally set. I didn’t see him (or any other news channel for that matter) asking questions like..

a) If the profile “Angel” was fake, why is he/she/they still on Orkut pleading innocence? Wouldn’t “they” be scrambling to clear all evidence leading upto them?
b) Is it right to blame the social network revolution itself because a victim happened to have a virtual profile?
c) What can be done inside the purview of the Indian IT act to provide protection to an Indian internet user?
c) Why in the hell was a 16 yr old driving a car???

News channels are still showing flashes of the profile pages of the victim and the “charged.” Will an average paranoid Indian parent now be cool with his/her accessing Orkut? Guess not.

We don’t have the time to know the facts let alone coming up with solutions. So, we let media fill up our brains with biased opinions and lopsided arguments. We are all better off listening to a bearded guy sitting intelligently behind a desk with a laptop in front of him, telling us we should lose all this technology and going back to stone age.

The actual question is – are we letting media make up our minds for us? I’m not asking you to buy my argument. I’m asking you to think about it.

“If Barkha says so… it must be right. Yep! I’ll buy her opinion.... since, I don’t have my own”

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have wanted to write about this topic for such a long time. And after seeing what priya had written , About racism in India, I thought there would not be much that I could add to it, But I think I might. And here it goes.

I would like to begin with the comment I have made on his post. "humans by nature ,discriminate. we group similar things,we divide dissimilar things. we don't even realize that we are doing that. if it ends there then we would be a much more intelligent society"

Yes, if it ends there we would be a much more intelligent society. What this basic instinct , to categorize everything around us, becomes is very interesting. It begins out as a simple distinction, (self) recognition. The concept of I (or ME. Which basically sets us humans apart from most of the animals) invariantly develops into , someone like me. And then perhaps mutates into the concept of US, and eventually the concept someone UNLIKE US.

And I guess there is also another instinct in us , which rejects anything different from the regular. And combine this with the concept of us and them, we now have a scenario where people begin to reject (and perhaps hate ?) the dissimilarities between them; Sowing seeds for the Discrimination as we know it.


Probably a word associated mostly with the west. Where, racial discrimination is most evident. More evident probably because of sheer variety of the people living together. Yes there are people who foul mouth anyone who is not white. Some wish they were dead. Some, willing to do that(kill) themselves. But the topic of discrimination in the west has been discussed lots of times and probably read by millions of people dozens of times in their life. I just want to point out something that is evident in India, but never talked about.

India, as a country is truly great. A cultural melting pot of a billion people belonging to many different religions, different cultures, different languages, traditions and geographical locations. We have lived in reasonable harmony for 60 years (since our freedom in 1947). But what about Indians, as the people of the great country that is India ? I believe we are probably the most racist (using it for a lack of a better word, I want to say discriminists but the spell check says there is no word like that) people in the world.

Discrimination probably starts back at home for some, when a male child is preferred to a female one. (and in some rare cases , the other way round.) It continues at school where teachers with narrowed view of education prefer students who fit that profile. It continues to be visible at the village (perhaps lesser in the cities) where the caste of a fellow man interferes with both the simplest routines and also the most personal issues in his life. It is probably more evident in the case of religion, where people fight and kill each other for something that might or might not be true.It is probably masked at the national level where politicians are epitomes for regionalism.

It goes unnoticed when we (Indians) criticize the people of different countries, without even knowing or even caring for the facts. But when there is one comment made against us , we unite. We unite to fight against the evil that has been spoken up against us. Make the whole world know that you don't mess with us Indians, Because we stand united. And mess with one of us, You mess with us all. That may be the right message.

But what would happen if someone came up with a video where some guys makes a statement saying that "all American women are sluts" or "woh kallu log sab chor hote hain" . perhaps a comment about one of our own. degrading a particular religion or caste. Or someone from North India asking someone from south (or a madrasi as he would call him) to go and eat his idli sambhar. or even someone from south India calling a dude from the north a stubborn pig?. Would that matter ? or should the question be, would you notice it in the first place ?

whats my point ? my point is "Discrimination is everywhere. Yes even in your backyard. So don't be fucking Hypocritical about it."

The answer to end discrimination is not clear. But what is clear is that it exists everywhere. Yes even in our holy nation of India. So the next time when someone make a scathing remark about our beautiful country , learn tolerance towards unreasonable criticism; Because facts do not change because of words, And if you are not tolerant , then probably you are more intolerant towards something more close to home. Shut up before you are called a Hypocrite. As
being labeled a hypocrite is far worse than being called a discriminator. Learn to live with it.

If you find that offending, then please tell me, When you have learned to live with discrimination back home(and in all probability affects you), why can't you learn to live with the same thing that is happening thousands of kilometers away (and probably doesn't affect you) ?

If you cant stand either one, then in all probability you are one among a very few number of people. Live to know that you will be lonely for the remainder of your life. But live knowing that you are doing the right thing.

Unity is strength.
But uniting for something unnecessary is foolish.
Not uniting for something necessary is definitely a weakness.

So choose to be weak or foolish. Its up to you.

p.s. : Sorry for the nonsense in patches. I had to take a break for so many times while writing it. After all criticizing ones own country is not a easy thing to do. But I have tried my best to make sense. Sorry once again if there is any loss of continuity in the post.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Indians....Who we really are?

It never stops,it was always there in them and now it has once again come out openly...thanks to Big Brother.Jade Goody proved us that this feeling of racial discrimination is inherent in the minds of the so called "fair-skinned" people.The whole world has responded to the words "live in slums","paki","the indian" and some other words which are not published in the media "f..king loser" and "f..k off home" by Jade "Baddy",Jack Tweed and others.

Jade was taught a lesson and an enormous support erupted for Shilpa Shetty from all over the world.People back in India are so much moved that they staged dharnas and sent sms' to news channels in support when they just saw one Indian sob in her closet aftr being victimised to racial discrimination.Tell me

~How many of us really care for those who have been the victims of discrimination on our own home soil??

~None of us.

We "maintain the discrimination"(not specifically racial) to every stranger.Stranger here i mean ecxepting family,closest frnds n the people belonging to our CASTE.After watching Shilpa cry and so much care we gave for her i realised y r we not same Indians when it came to the millions of people who cry in their homes almost everyday because they've been discriminated on the basis of caste or class or watever shit.

Everybody discriminates evrybody if he/she doesnt belong to their own caste,class or community.Hindus discriminate muslims,jains discriminate buddists,the so-called upper caste people discriminate the so-called lower caste people of SCs,STs,BCs and dalits.Vice-Versa.High-class people descriminate middle- and low-class people and vice-versa.Indians have become hyper-ethocentric and xenophobic.Rather CASTO-CENTRIC and CLASSO-CENTRIC.The whole dimension of division of people on the basis of caste has been changed since it has started.Now the word caste in India mean discrimination.The word reminds us of discrimination n nothin else.

The caste point is from a broader perspective.Forget all the dimensions and walk into our daily lives.We talk about love,care,help,sympathy n all but do we really do wat we say?
Absolutely not.How many of us have had evil eyes to a beggar who left his self-respect on the side of the road n stretched his arms for a penny? 90% of us wud have done that.Is he/she not a human just lik u n me.Well if u think his dejected social status is the only reason for that then damn u dont dare speak about love,care n all things which are insensible to u.I heard people saying "chi po" (get off!) and "vadni chudu adukkunevadu jeans veskunnadu" (look at him,being a beggar he wore a jean pant) and many more....Y a beggar shud not prosper?? Y do u not feel happy to see that the beggar is developing n prospering.Learn to treat people lik people n not lik animals.Beggars r the most common ground where we show wat we really r.From beggars to our collegues at work to our neighbours with whom we live we show discrimination.If you ask me who we(Indians) really are i wud say we r the most racist people on earth.We racially discriminate each n every person.

We call ourselves a united billion with multiethnicity,multilingual n multireligious groups.But how united r we truly?? The next time u call united india just think again.We r united certainly only wen other countries talk bad abt us n we all r fevicol-united during India-Pakistan cricket matches.Every Indian does the same thing to their fellow Indians wat Jade Goody has done to Shilpa Shetty no doubt abt that.The only one who does the perfect thing is an ideal person and no person in this world is ideal.IDEALISM IS MYTH.But 1 thing is for sure.We can bend towards idealism to a great extent.Lets try to be human n more humane and live up to the phrase of "United India".

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fuck Sanctity

Yes, that is what i have been thinking all day. and that is how i shall start this blog of mine.

Fuck it.

and most of the people who know me, also know me to be non religious, hence you can guess it is not about the sanctity of religion i am talking about, but the purity and the holiness of that which is supposed to be our conscience.

i know people arent perfect always , but our conscience ? isnt it supposed to be perfect, the all knowing angel present inside all of us?? well that is what it is supposed to do , ie remind us of the do's and do nots of what is demanded of the society.

the sanctity that i am speaking of here, is the purity and the holiness of what is supposed to be our human soul.

but how many of us really do have it ?
how many of those reading really give a damn about a street begger with no hands or legs ??
how many of you are really ready to give up your life for a loved one, i mean really ??
how many of you really feel no guilt when you have lied to someone you really love ??
how many actually have feelings for someone that you are not supposed to have ??
how many of us have actually seen a person of the opposite gender and thought , i want to have him / her right here , right now??
how many of us havent had the urge to just snap the neck of the blabbering idiot?
how many actually ever felt your conscience taking over your animal instincts!
how many many of you really agree with what i say , but are not going to say "I actually care" for all of the things i mentioned.
i am too bored , tired , irritated to come up with more examples.

i mean when we are living with this kind of hypocracy in this fucked up world, knowing about it all the time , then why the hell are we still acting!

i mean , with or without conscience , we are not animals. we still behave civilly. we are not going to go killing each and every person just because we enjoy it. we are not going to rape each and every woman just because she is helpless. we are not going to go out and and cheat each and every idiot out there just because they are gullable. we do not because we have better deterrants than our conscience controlling us. which ofcourse is fear.

fear of being known as the criminal who killed a man.
fear of being called a dick who raped a woman
fear of being labelled a jerk who only lives to cheat.

so do i relate to those people who do not possess this fear within themselves ??
hell no! i believe this fear is what makes us human.
and those who do not possess it should be treated as animals and be caged and shipped of to a zoo.

fear, that is what drives us these days not the god damned conscience.
even if there is a a conscience, it is not asking us to do the right thing ,
it is asking us to shut the fuck up and not be an idiot by doing the wrong thing.
but assured with the chance of getting away with it , who knows , how many savages would be running amuck in this world.

so , people who agree with me , please say fuck you to someone who says that the human soul is pure. and when they say nothing matches its sanctity, say fuck sanctity too.

p.s. : yeah, i am in a really bad mood, so what, i am ok with what i have said. am ready to argue for any of the statements i have made so far.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Men V/s Women : Part II

well people
i am back to it again. no matter how much i talk and believe in equality, by coincidence or by fate (whatever you believe in), i end up defending men as equal to women most of the times rather than the other way round.

i.e. i have met far too many feminists (not equalists mind you, females who think that they are better than men!! in every way) than male chauvinists. makes me wonder if i am in the wrong company or is the whole world this way!

not to long ago i was chatting (yes me a geek) with a friend of mine.(this convo ended about 15 mins ago). she believes , like many other women (or girls if you prefer) believe that they are more evolved mentally than men. and thats when the debate (not a fight mind you) started off (never ended though).

so the question is "Are women more developed mentally than men by the age of say 21".
her answer : yes, girls are better mentally than men.
my answer : depends on what you look at. yes girls are better than men , emotionally n intellectually. (now i regret saying intellectually because, knowledge of science can also be intellect at which , statistically men are better at).

and this is what i want to say which i couldnt earlier. (I love blogging, talking my way through with no-one stopping me :D!).

Yes, girls may be better than us guys when it comes to being emotionally strong (remember not crying isnt being emotionally strong.) they may also be better at handling new situations in a better way than men. and yes this gap is more evident in the early 20's. but this (Gap) does go down as we grow up , learn to handle situations that we havent faced earlier. it is just a life taking its time.

My reason for girls developing faster , emotionally , was simple. they are made to grow up in an environment which tells and treats them as unequals. this means that they are made to prove a point right from childhood. face more challenges than most men do before they turn 20 or think of going on their own. once they (us men) do decide to move on and be independent, the challenges are meaner and the realisation is no sweeter. n the process of development is no easier, hence the final product is no lesser.

But then she makes this statement "when someone keeps telling you that you are a worthless piece of shit all your life, you end up thinking that you are. but women didnt".

this is when i realised that , upto this point we are only talking about women who choose and strive to be independent. there are also those who do not. and those who do think that women are helpless without men (thankfully this trend is changing for the better by the generation). but what she wont agree was that there exist two kinds of people. that there might still be some who have given up while they are brainwashed from the childhood. which i believe isnt true. (and any comments on that are welcomed :D ).

well , like earlier i still do want to make a statement of comprimise.
yes women are mentally strong in the emotional department. that doesnt mean that they are better than men, it only means that they are different as far as this aspect goes. but men, i belive are more independent thinkers ,some of whom are even philosophical. and best thing is you can not generalise how all men think (you might generalise what we think about, but not how! thats what i mena by independent thinking).

so choose what part of your brain you love.
if it is the part which is responsible for emotion, chances are that you are a woman. (if you are a guy, say yes to the next one too ;) )
if it is the part that makes you to be wild, independent (may seem irresponsible at times) and free thinking , then probably you are a guy (and if you are a girl, well done! :) )

both of which are parts of the brain by the way, hence both are mental abilities.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Full Circle

We need to Change.
No Clue , But we need to change.

I hope everyone else, or atleast the majority feels the same.
Feels the same about a situation, a situation that is so horribly out of hand that there is no hope.

This is what I mean , when I talk about "a situation that is so horribly out of hand that there is no hope"

lemme start about the most obvious problem in india : Population.
To handle the humongous population that we have, we need better Infrastructure.
For better Infrastructure , we need officials who arent corrupt, but honest and hard working.
For removing the corrupt officials, we need a better police system.
We dont have a better police system, because that wud mean the end of corrupt politicians.
we have corrupt politicians because we have a lot of uneducated population that falls for every small promise the politicians make.
So, for better polity, we need more educated population.
we cant have that without a good enough infrastructure!
un-educated people do not know / care about the rest of india.
one of the side effects : rising population.
there you go, a full circle!!

p.s. :- all the other problems can be embedded into this circle too , just didnt have the time or space to do it right here.. so just talked about the problems most often discussed..

And there you go. a situation completely horribly out of our hand. None of the problems can be solved exclusively. None of them can be left alone to be dealt another day. None of them have a plausable solution. All of them moving us closer to a disaster.

But we move on with our lives, and believe that the problem will be dealt by someone else.
It works sometimes, like once in a century when a true leader is born to guide the rest in the right direction, and we the followers are more than happy to comply. And then it starts all over again.

But how can u revive something thats bound to be a disaster.

well my answer, just think forward.

forget the problem that u have with the system,
focus on the original problem itself.

try to find a solution that
doesnt involve officials to improve infrastructure
doesnt involve politicians for better polity
doesnt involve infrastructure for better education
doesnt involve better education for better understanding of our country
doesnt involve politicians handling our police
doesnt involve policing of everything thats right
doesnt involve the present fucked up system , to change for the better!!

It may be hard work, but that is what should be done, I guess, when you see no hope in redeeming the present solution at hand.

I do not have one yet, but given the time and resources I think any one who is moderately intelligent can think of one.

So lets just hope against hope..